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Facts about U Know Yunho

  • Yunho is a very bad boy to girls. (he teases them till they cry?!? @_@)
  • Yunho's mom and dad are student leaders in school. They would always run for student election until they realize that they suited one another.
  • Yunho once caught watching porn and he told them that it's an assignment.
  • Yunho once fell in love with a girl that never really loved him. She became his girlfriend but later on she broke up with him. Yunho convinced his friends to give her a surprise. She was touched and got back with him but Yunho later realized that she could never learn to really love him. Thus, he set her free.
  • Yunho is a great fan of the girl in Sassy Girl.
  • Yunho sleeps diagonally.
  • Don't tell him to lose weight! He said that his Winnie the Pooh's tummy is filled with fan's love. (ahahahaha cute XD)
  • He is serious when working so DON'T talk to him at that time!
  • When fans are pulling his hair and clothes he will smile to them but actually he doesn't really like it. (who wouldn't....)
  • Do not compete with or challenge him. He won't let himself lose to you!
  • Do not stand close to him when he is dancing. His powerful hand movement may injure you! O_O
  • He likes unique fan letter's. So decorate your letter with beautiful patterns!
  • When raining, he likes to write novels so he won't go out during rainy days!
  • He doesn't like to get too intimate (hugging and touching) with people he is not close to, so don't hug him unless he gives the initiative.
  • He cares about his fans very much so he doesn't like fans to force themselves to get very near them because it is dangerous. He likes fans to stand and watch them from a bit of distance for their safety.
  • People said that he is a very polite and knowledgeable leader.   

                                      20 Things That Yunho Likes:
  1. Yunho likes children
  2. Yunho likes the sky
  3. Yunho likes travelling (mountain climbing)
  4. Yunho likes to watch movies
  5. Yunho likes carbonated drinks
  6. Yunho likes comics (Slam Dunk etc.)
  7. Yunho likes fruits (strawberry & watermelon)
  8. Yunho likes fresh flowers (rose)
  9. Yunho likes reading
  10. Yunho likes fried egg with a kind of mixed rice
  11. Yunho likes dancing
  12. Yunho likes walking by the lake
  13. Yunho likes to buy sport shoes
  14. Yunho likes blue, white, black and green (colors)
  15. Yunho likes to watch drama
  16. Yunho likes animals (puppies & panda)
  17. Yunho likes to ride on bikes (esp. green ones)
  18. Yunho likes basketball
  19. Yunho likes to write novels in rainy days
  20. Yunho likes to sing
Yunhos parents love story:
Yunhos parents always use to run for class/school representatives against each other since they were in the same high school. Even up to college they were still versing each other but eventually they started to like each other then eventually became husband and wife having a cute baby called Yunho^^

Credit: sweetmarlie@imeen

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